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Anxiety and the World

Discover the effect the environment has on you as well as how to cope with anxiety in the world.


Living with Anxiety

Learn how anxiety affects the body as well as tips and tricks for living with an anxiety disorder.


Mastering Your Anxiety

Explore techniques to help you master your anxiety and change the narrative of your anxiety story.

About the Art of Anxiety Blog

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This site is not run by medical professionals. It is meant to tell anxiety stories, more specifically my anxiety story.

If you suspect you have an anxiety disorder, I highly recommend you reach out to a medical professional

There are plenty of people dedicated to helping those who are suffering with anxiety. But it can sometimes be hard to ask for help. 

The blogs and articles on this website are meant to provide assistance to people who are on a journey to master their own anxiety. It is meant to help you find what works for you and make you feel less alone.

I am not a professional, I am merely someone who has been living with anxiety for my whole life. For more about me, visit our about us page.