Mental Health Self Check In: Important Questions to Ask

Self check ins are one of the best ways to keep track of our own mental health. With these questions, you’ll be able to connect with how you are truly feeling. It’s also a great way to check on your loved ones.

How often do we ask and get asked the words, “How Are You?”? Most of us face this question at least once a day if not more. But how often do we mean it when we ask?

And how often do we ask ourselves that question?

When was the last time you actually checked in with yourself and asked yourself those three words?

So, how are you?

check in with yourself

Why Are Daily Check Ins so Important?

Being mindful is all about understanding how you are feeling without any inner judgement. It’s okay if you’re not feeling the best. But you need to allow yourself the space to feel your feelings (even if it’s hard).

Be patient, be gentle and be kind. Practice compassion with yourself and treat yourself the way you would others.

10 Simple Questions for a Self Check In

Whether you’re checking in with yourself, or others, here are ten simple but powerful questions for a Mental Health Self Check In.

1. How are you feeling today, really? Physically and mentally.

mental health check in daily

Are you tired? Are you energized? How’s your mind? What thoughts are running through your head? When was the last time you showered? Do a body scan and pay extra attention to all the different sensations. If you have extra time, conduct an emotional check in.

2. What’s taking up most of your headspace right now?

self check in

What can’t you stop thinking about? Have you been comparing yourself to others? What negative thoughts keep popping up? Can you challenge those thoughts? Are there specific emotions that keep coming up for you? Take some time out and try to understand them.

3. What was your last full meal, and have you been drinking enough water?

check in mental health

Did you eat breakfast? Have you had lunch? What about dinner? Grab a glass of water and take at least one sip (if not a whole glass). What have you been feeding your body? Have you been eating enough fruit and vegetables? How much sugar are you eating?

4. How have you been sleeping?

mental health check in sleep

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Are you getting enough sleep? Did you wake up feeling well-rested? How were your dreams (Did you have any)? Are you sticking to your sleep schedule? How’s your caffeine intake?

5. What have you been doing for exercise?

physical check in

Whether walking, dancing or practising yoga, what have you been doing for your body? When was the last time you went outside? Go get some fresh air.

6. What did you do today that made you feel good?

emotions check in
emotional check in
check in

Did you eat something yummy? Have you basked in the sun? Did a message from a friend make you smile? What made you laugh (or even just smile? When was the last time you checked in with a loved one?

7. What’s something you can do today that would be good for you?

mental health check

Can you make time to move your body? Do you have an animal you can snuggle up to? Take some time and try to hack your happiness chemicals.

8. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next few days?

mental health check in questions

Have you got anything nice planned? Can you plan something exciting? Can you make time for fun or even a playful activity?

9. What’s something we can do for yourself this week?

mental health check how are you really
mental health check in gratitude
checking in with yourself

Can you make time for self care? Make some time for rest. Call your friends, buy yourself something nice or even just allocate an hour for watching tv or doing nothing.

10. What are you grateful for right now?

Take some time and make a gratitude list. But if you don’t have time, just think about one thing you’re grateful for. Studies have shown that there are health benefits to gratitude.

Prioritize Your Mental Health Check In

Your mental health is a priority. Our thoughts, feelings and sensations can often be overwhelming, and if we don’t check in with them, our stress bucket just keeps filling up and we don’t take the time to empty it out. If we practice daily check ins, it’s far less likely that it will overflow.

Try to take some time each day and check in with yourself. It doesn’t matter what time or how long. It only matters that you do it. If it’s in the morning, reflect on your evening and day before. At night, reflect on the day you had. Look at your ups and downs, celebrate your wins and show yourself kindness and compassion.

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