Anxiety and the World Around You

The world isn’t made for anxious people. Navigating anxiety and the world around you is a challenge. Society is better suited  humans that don’t get stuck in their thoughts, feelings or sensations. And unfortunately, Compassion isn’t something you encounter on a daily basis.

As anxious creatures, we are more sensitive. We notice things others don’t, feel more deeply and get overwhelmed far more easily. It’s just the way we are. 

Changing society isn’t possible, so we need to adapt to the world around us. Luckily, anxiety creates a whole lot of resilience. 

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This category focusses on the external world. While we might not have direct control of them, we can influence them.



How anxiety reacts to the things around you.



Creating meaningful connections with others.



Learning your place in the world.



Navigating a career with anxiety

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The External World

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Being human means existing in a world we can’t control.

We can influence a lot of things, but we are also at the mercy of factors completely out of our control. While this might seem overwhelming, there are ways for us to adapt. 

We can’t control the rain, but we can make sure we have an umbrella handy. When Mercury is in retrograde, there is literally nothing we can do. 

However, information is power. While it’s not possible for us to prevent people from getting upset, but we can take charge of how we respond. We exist in the external world, so we need to learn how to manage it.