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discovering the art of anxiety

Navigating anxiety isn’t an easy task. It can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming. 

More and more people seem to be suffering from anxiety. I’ve been asked by many to share my experiences or explain my anxiety journey.

The best way to describe it is, it’s an art. I am by no means a master, but I’ve found things that help. This blog is was created to share these.

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When it comes to anxiety, everyone is different. This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my personal journey. And it is now my philosophy when it comes to understanding and working with my own anxiety.

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about me

I’ve been battling with anxiety ever since I was a child. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realise that fighting anxiety doesn’t do much good. 

To try and understand my anxiety and how to live a life where it doesn’t cripple me, I have spend years researching, reading and trying out new things. I’ve stumbled a lot along the way, but with each fall I try and come back a little wiser. 

So I decided to put together a collection of everything that I have learned. I hope that my wisdom might help someone else along their journey.

There are loads of different techniques and anxiety tips out there.
(And just as many untrustworthy sources and people who don’t understand). It’s wise to accept that they won’t all work for you. Just because your long-lost cousin managed to fully recover from PTSD by meditating everyday, doesn’t mean meditation will work for you. It might make your anxiety a whole lot worse.

Mastering the art of anxiety requires a lot of self discovery. You know yourself best, so you need to decide what makes your anxiety more manageable. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error, but it’s also going to help you grow.

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