Anxiety Rings: Spinning Fidget Jewelry to Relieve Stress

anxiety rings

Anxiety rings are just one of the many things created to help anxious people cope with the big bad world.

These rings can work as a sensory regulation activity. But as with most anxiety-related things, they either will work for you or won’t. And even if they do work, on some days they might be a lifesaver, while others are just aesthetic.

If you’re looking to get yourself an anxiety ring (or simply curious), this post has a few options for you to choose from.

Why Buy an Anxiety Ring?

An anxiety disorder comes with a lot of nervous energy. Sometimes it’s not even something we are aware of. This excess energy often builds up and puts you more on edge as the day progresses. Without a healthy release for this energy, you can end up snapping, feeling overwhelmed, or even having a panic attack.

Most of us anxious humans are aware of our excess energy and have ways to release it. Whether chewing the end of your pencil, nibbling your nails, or tapping your feet, we all have some form of expelling it.

While these types of habits have their place, nail-biting can hurt, foot-tapping annoys others, and the pencils of the world don’t deserve to be bitten. Getting yourself an anxiety ring can be a nice, quiet, harmless way of releasing nervous energy.

anxiety chewed pencil

Choosing an Anxiety Relief Ring

Anxiety rings operate in a similar way. Essentially they have a moving part that spins around, allowing you to fidget with them. You can use your other fingers to rotate the ring around your finger throughout the day.

Some anxiety spinner rings come with additional ways to fidget. Here are some of my favorite options.

ALEXTINA Anxiety Rings for Women

If you’re into color and making a statement, this glittery rainbow ring is the way to go. It’s made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust, making it perfect for daily wearing.

It also comes in black, silver, silver rainbow, blue, and rose gold, or in sets of three.

Buy ALEXTINA Spinner Ring

Nylry Moon and Star Fidget Ring

Nylry offers various fidget rings with moon and star patterns. They’re colorful like the ALEXTINA rings but offer a more unique look. You can get glittery ones, two-tone rings, or solid color rings.

Buy Nylry Moon and Star Fidget Rings

Mens Spinning Anxiety Ring

When it comes to rings, they often can look quite feminine. But this black chain ring is ideal for men with anxiety. The aesthetic is subtle but masculine. They also have plain black options, silver chain rings, and my personal favorite, one that reads “keep fucking going”.

Buy Mens Spinning Anxiety Ring

If you’re looking for more styles of men’s anxiety rings, you can check out these:

SEAMOSH Silver Anti Anxiety Ring

One of my favorite anxiety rings for women is this one from SEAMOSH. It reminds me of an abacus or one of those kids’ toys with rings. It’s beautiful and unique. It can also be stacked with other rings, allowing you to style it with any outfit.

You can spin the beads around whenever feeling overwhelmed while looking stunning.

Buy SEAMOSH Silver Anti Anxiety Ring

King Will Anxiety Rings for Men

Even without anxiety, these rings are worth buying. Even though they look expensive, they’re actually quite affordable. They come in various designs, and I am still struggling to choose my favorite.

Inspired by Celtic symbols, Nordic runes, roman numerals, the evil eye, and even The Lord of The Rings, these guys’ rings are insanely cool.

Buy King Will Anxiety Rings for Men

Sterling Silver Anxiety Ring with Beads

Searching for something understated and simple? This bead spinner ring is pretty without drawing too much attention. It can easily be stacked with other rings while satisfying your desire to fidget.

Buy a Sterling Silver Anxiety Ring with Beads

Spinner Rings for Kids

Kids are not immune from anxiety, stress, and worrying. Having a fidget ring can satisfy their excess energy, allowing them to concentrate during school hours better. These pretty little rings are ideal for an anxious girl.

Buy Spinner Rings for Kids

LC Rings for Anxiety

If you’re looking for a more ornate look, the sterling silver anxiety rings from LC are beautiful. They also have more modern patterns as well as elephant, script, heart, and Celtic designs.

Buy LC Rings for Anxiety

Sailimue Stacker Anxiety Bead Ring

Combine stacker rings with anxiety rings with these rings. Made from sterling silver, these bands are absolutely stunning. The rings adopt an infinity design, consisting of multiple interwoven bands. The beads on the individual bands will keep your fidgety fingers busy all day long.

Buy Sailimue Stacker Anxiety Rings

MUCAL Fidget Rings for Anxiety

Why get one anxiety fidget ring when you can get 6? If you like to switch things up or match your jewelry to your outfit, getting yourself more than one ring is a good idea. They also make great gifts for friends, even if they aren’t anxious.

This set comes with the traditional spinner ring but also has a multi-band ring and one with beads.

Buy MUCAL Fidget Rings for Anxiety

Do Anxiety Spinner Rings Work?

Similarly to hobbies for anxiety, you won’t know if an anxiety spinner ring works for you unless you try it out yourself. I try to be open to trying new things to help my anxiety (the key word is try).

If you’re fascinated by fidget cubes or spinners, you’ll likely end up loving an anxiety ring (and saving some pencils). But if those kinds of things don’t do it for you, an anxiety ring might not either.

You know yourself best, so you’ll have a good idea whether something like an anxiety ring will help you. Luckily, the rings are really stylish, so even if it doesn’t help with your anxiety, you’ll still look good.

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